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5 Things I Never Run Without



1) My visor, I can’t run without this for two reasons. One, it keeps me from squinting the whole run because I hate running with sunglasses and two, it works as a sweatband, sweat in the eyes stings.

2) My iPod shuffle, I love how light it is and how easy it is to clip on, I don’t even feel it when I’m running. I keep this baby full of high energy songs that help me keep my pace. I did have to get some Sony headphones for it that go around my ear because the Apple ear buds and running just don’t mix for me.

3) My Garmin Forerunner, I love this thing! It keeps track of everything for me, my distance, my pace, my laps, my average time, heart rate, calories burned and I’m sure a lot more if I ever bothered to read the instruction manual. By far my best purchase ever!

4) Compression pants/shorts, when you have thighs like I do these are essential. There is no way I could make it a mile, much less 10 miles, with my chub rubbing together.

5) Good socks, I know most people would think this should be shoes but that seems like a gimme to me so they didn’t make the list. Good socks are essential especially when you start getting up there in mileage. You want to wick the moisture away from your feet that way you don’t start losing toenails. I’ve already lost one and it was not a fun experience, it’s finally grown back but I don’t want to have to go through that again.

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