I have a new favorite sock.

I’ve been meaning to try out

Injinji socks

for awhile now, like months, but I never made it into an REI to pick some up. Well, when I was in Colorado a couple weeks ago I finally picked up a pair.

When you first put them on they feel weird, I mean, I’m not used to having to put each toe in it’s own individual little sock. At first they felt just like the rainbow toe socks I used to wear as a teenager (you know you all did too, maybe not you Jamoosh, you probably wore socks made out of beer). You really notice the difference when you slip your tootsies inside your shoes, it feels like it’s literally impossible to get a blister. Each toe is protected from the other so there is no rubbing of any kind. I also love the way the toe of my shoe never felt so roomy because I can actually spread my toes.

This is what Injinji says Engineered with AIS: technology and constructed with a wicking fiber made of CoolMax┬« and a resistant outer shell of durable nylon, the Performance tetratsok protects, prevents and out performs any ordinary tube closed sport sock.”

The first day I wore them just with my tennis shoes when we went “hiking” at Garden of the Gods. I never ever run first in a new pair of socks. You could definitely tell these were no ordinary socks, my feet felt dry and comfortable all day.

Next I decided to take them on a run, they felt good inside my shoes. They’re the perfect thickness for me, I don’t like really thick socks because they get too hot. Injinji socks kept my feet cool and dry and protected. I definitely give them two thumbs up. Now I just need 4 more pairs because these are my new favorite socks…and maybe a pair of the compression ones too?

I purchased these socks myself and was in no way compensated for this post. The opinions are entirely my own and I highly recommend you try these socks. Find out where you can pick up your own pair of Injinji socks here.

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