Give Me A Streakin’ Break!

Well, my streak is over. It was great while it lasted but I chose not to run last night because my Achilles was still sore. I really don’t want to hurt myself and to be honest my streak was going to end in a week or so anyway. Wednesday I had an appointment with my “lady doctor” (if you follow me on twitter then you already know and possibly unfollowed me for mentioning “gyno” in a tweet). Well, it looks like I will be having surgery in about a week or two, nothing serious, just a routine hysterectomy. Unfortunately though, that means I will need time to recover before running again, lucky for me I’ll be recovering in Colorado.

I’ll be heading to Colorado Springs to visit my BFF and relinquish my parental rights to our beautiful lab, Susie. We’re not going to be taking her with us to Germany because we’re worried she won’t be able to take the stress of the flight since she’s old. Luckily I have an awesome friend who loves her just as much as we do and is going to be her new loving family. This is probably going to be the hardest day of my life, I get teary-eyed just thinking about it, but I know it is what is best for Susie. It sucks we’re having to do this in July when we won’t be leaving for Germany until February but we won’t be able to make it to Colorado again before we leave since the kids can’t miss a day of school this year. I’m going to be in denial up until the second I leave her.

So, yeah, I’m hoping to run this evening but I just have to wait and see how I’m feeling, maybe I’ll try for another streak up until surgery if my ankle agrees with me. What is your longest streak you’ve had? Mine was 12 days.

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