That Girl Is A Running Fool: Review Time

A few weeks ago I was given a pair of inVigorators compression socks to review, this is the first thing I’ve been given to review and I was pretty stoked about that to begin with. I got my socks in the mail a few days before Christmas and I was really bummed that I had already run when they arrived on my doorstep, I would have to wait till the next day to try them out.

I was so excited that I planned a 5 mile run the next day to give them a real “college try.” It had been several months since I’d run 5 miles, in fact the last time I ran 5 or more was back in October when I was getting ready for my 10K, so I knew I was going to be pushing myself.

The weather was a little warmer than usual so I put on my compression shorts (I have to match) with my new compression socks and was ready to head out the door.

I had such a great run that I couldn’t do a review after only one “test drive,” I was a little skeptical. Could these socks really be that good? The 5 miles seemed effortless, my legs felt great and I probably could have kept going but I had to drive to Colorado that afternoon. I thought maybe I was just having a great run day and so I wanted to do another long run with the socks to see if they really were the secret to my success.

Yesterday I did another long run, 5.5 miles this time, AND my legs were sore from lifting weights the day before. I wanted to push it and see how much of a difference these socks made. I ran 3 miles the day before without the socks and my legs felt sluggish. But yesterday my legs felt great after my run and so I’m a believer!

inVigorators= awesome!

Some great things about these socks:

  • Easy weave takes pressure off the muscle to prevent fatigue
  • Light compression supports the arch and secures the fit
  • Flat, no-rub toe seam
  • Non-rolling top
  • Y-stiched heel construction provides the best heel fit
  • Double knit reinforced cotton sole for cushioned comfort

From the moment you put these on your legs feel different, honestly, they feel invigorated. I put them on and I felt like I had to get up and go, to wear these socks and sit is a total waste. These socks are really easy to put on which is something I was worried about with a compression sock and they stay up, when they say they don’t roll they mean it. I will never do a long run again without wearing these socks and I’ll probably order more so I can wear them on shorter runs too without having to do daily laundry. Another great thing about these socks is they are very affordable compared to other compression socks I’ve seen. My only gripe: I wish they came in pink!, maybe you could get a free pair like I did.

FTC Disclosure: I was given a pair of InVigorators socks to try and this review is entirely my own.

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