Saturday, February 15, 2014

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So, we finally know what is wrong with me, I have a herniated disc and the portion of the disc that is poking out is irritating my sciatic nerve. It was not the diagnosis that I was hoping for, honestly, I started crying when I left the hospital. I've been crying a lot lately, my neighbor tells me that we're on our period so that is probably why (I had a hysterectomy so I never know when it's that time of the month).
There was a possibility of trying a medication that could calm the nerve down but it takes a while for it to kick in and I'm in so much pain already. I can't imagine going much longer in this pain, I can barely get up to use the bathroom anymore and when I do sit up I almost black out from the pain. My new doctor gave me pain killers finally (because my old doctor said the idea wasn't to be pain free) but I'm still hurting and now I just feel loopy too. So, it seemed like scheduling surgery was the logical thing to do.
Originally they couldn't get me in till March 26 but thank the Lord they had a cancellation and were able to get me in on Wednesday. The surgery they're doing is called a microdiscectomy and as far as back surgeries go it's pretty simple and straightforward and has a fairly high success rate. They'll make a small incision on my back, cut out a piece of my bone to gain access to the area and then clean up the herniated portion of the disc. I should be up and walking that evening and driving my car again within 2 weeks.
Right now I am signed up for the Rock and Roll Portland May 18th and the Rock and Roll Seattle on June 22nd. I know running it is out of the question but I would like to walk those because I already paid for them and they won't give me a refund. I know I can just get the shirt and not do the race but I personally could never wear a race shirt that I didn't complete. My husband and neighbors are doing both halts too so I know if I am not feeling up to it then I can always cheer instead.
We got the 3 pack our pass though and the final race we were planning is Vancouver in October so I really want to be able to do that and I think that is a very attainable goal but first thing is surgery then I'll know where I stand.
I'll be keeping you updated on here with my progress, please keep me in your thoughts and hopefully this surgery will be a success and I can get back to normal day to day life.

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262x2 said...

I just found your blog, and I am so sorry to hear that you are having (probably already had by now) surgery! As someone who is suffering from an injury now, I know that it really sucks being out of commission but I have no IDEA how scary it is to have to have a surgery like that. I hope you have a speedy recovery and do get to participate in those races, even if you are walking. I'm the same way, I won't wear a race shirt if I didn't complete the race. :-(