Sunday, October 28, 2012

I'm coming home.....sort of.

I have some news (for those of you that even remember who I am), our German vacation is coming to an end. I'm kind of sad but mostly I'm ready to go home, the only bad part is that I don't get to really go home. Home for me is Texas but unfortunately, we don't get to go back to Texas (sad face). I am however very excited about where we are headed next...
It's funny because I've never in my life wanted to live in Washington (or even really visit) but now that we know that is where we are headed I've started looking into it and Washington is pretty freaking awesome! Obviously, I'm going to be doing a lot more running because they have a HUGE running community there so I'm super excited about that. I've enjoyed my 2 year break from running but I've also missed running, A LOT! 
We won't be heading to Washington quite yet, we have to wait until March, but I'm doing lots of research about the state and where we will most likely be living, Puyallup (I really need to remember how to pronounce that correctly LOL). I'm really excited so if there is anything you want to share about Washington, please do.

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Gene Soboleski said...

YAY~! welcome...almost home. almost!