Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Back again.

Yeah, so, the whole running in the Alps didn't happen. I actually arrived at the hotel totally and completely exhausted and thanks to the most uncomfortable beds in the world, I never got any decent sleep on the whole trip. I spent all 3 days on tours and as soon as the bus got back to the hotel I promptly ate, showered and tried to sleep despite my bed being overtaken by a 5 year old (because it wasn't uncomfortable enough without Sophia smack dab in the middle of it).

Next time I go to Garmisch I will be doing to more adventurous tours but since my mother was with us this time we stuck to castles, churches and shopping. I definitely want to hike next time and go paragliding, I was so jealous of all the hot pink parachutes floating around.

This was the view from our patio.
Another view from our room.
The Swarovsky Giant
 This was a nice little garden area at the Swarovsky Crystal factory.
This was a maze at the Swarovsky Crystal Factory in Innsbruck, Austria. The kids and I made it through before I went up top to get a picture of it.
Neuschwanstein castle
The kids on our way back down with the castle in the background.
This is where I want to stay next time I visit Garmisch. Gorgeous!


Fruit Fly said...

Your life is like one picturesque post card after another!

Wells L said...

I agree with Fruit Fly. LOVE LOVE LOVE that you have posted on your blog - I miss you when you're gone. Thanks for the sweet comment on mine. It looks so beautiful where you visited. Keep the photos coming - we're all jealous . . . I mean, my recent "outting" was to Chicago - yeah, it's kind of like the German mountains and castles and stuff - NOT! :)

Blubeari said...

omg... just beautiful! Life is good. :)

to dream the KIMpossible dream said...

Love the pics! You make me miss my days of European travel. *sigh* someday I will get there again!