Thursday, January 6, 2011

Advice Needed: Cold Weather Gear

As some of you know, I'm originally from Houston, not exactly a winter wonderland. I've been living in Oklahoma for the last 2 1/2 years and have gotten accustomed to colder temperatures but I'm starting to get really worried my running is going to suffer in Germany. It's COLD there!

I have some cold weather running stuff like 2 pair of Under Armor tights, a couple long sleeved shirts and a free ear warmer I got for the 2010 New Year's 5K. I've noticed lately that my toes have been getting awfully cold when I run, my Injinji's are awesome but they're not very warm and I don't have a single jacket to block the wind (which is killer here in OK). This is partly why it's so hard to get out the door in the winter for me so I want some advice from you hardcore people that run in the cold. What do you wear and what would you consider your winter running staple?

I have a gift card from Christmas that I was going to use to buy a Kindle but I've decided instead to use it on running gear so I can hopefully be ready for this!

For those of you that didn't see the translated version of that page, it's the Berlin Marathon on September 25th, mama's got her eyes on the prize!!

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Nej said...

I run in lightweight wool running socks, and it keeps my feet really warm. It seems like I've seen (somewhere online) people who run with covers over the fronts of their shoes. They cover the mesh portion, and keep the wind out?

It could just be that I'm used to the cold (I live in Nebraska), but I've found I don't have to add nearly as much as I thought I would when running in the winter. Once you get going, you warm up quick. A lightweight jacket to block the wind, a long sleeve wicking shirt...and sometimes a wicking tank top under that (for extra core warmth). Gloves, something over my ears, and even now a balaclava when it's really cold. I usually end up stripped off the gloves and balaclava once I get going though. :-)

FruitFly said...

I always have compression leg sleeves on, so that helps the bottom part of my legs. I have some Reebok running pants that I just adore! They seem to keep me feeling warm no matter what the conditions are, and they aren't even really thick or bulky in the least. Shirt-wise I have a Nike shirt that is super form fitting and I wear them almost all the time, sometimes under a jacket, but not always. My long sleeved shirts from races seem to be too thin and too loose - especially in the arm area. I find having that form fitting shirt keeps the cold air from being able to get to me.

I have some Nike gloves with reflectors in them - and a key pouch! - and they are so lightweight and warm, I usually end up pulling them off before I'm home!

Socks -- I wish I wasn't too cheap to try buying more socks to find something warmer. My feet do get cold. But $15 for a single pair just seems crazy to me!

Teamarcia said...

woot for Berlin!

If its not below 20, I wear tights, maybe a base layer (maybe not depending on wind) and a thermal 1/2 zip.

If it's windy or below 20 I wear a base layer and jacket. I just got the sweetest ever Sugoi Firewall one. Aweseome.

If it's below 20 I go with the base layer and tights but I throw fleece wind pants over the tights, and a fleece half zip over the base, jacket over everything. Balaclava, maybe a headband under it for extra ear warmth.

I find trail shoes are warmer and get better traction too.

Teamarcia said...

Here are a couple of posts I did that may help you:

Slomohusky said...

i know someone who did the berlin marathon - loved it! very flat from what i have heard.

i hate running in the cold. cold meaning anything that requires tights or layers. reason enough for me to stay in vegas! or move even further south. houston sounds good! :)

Kovas Palubinskas said...

If your feet get cold, consider some waterproof trail shoes. Otherwise layer layer layer.

Suzanad said...

Since it's snowing here in Southern Canada, I finally put down the cash and brought a pair of winter tights. They are amazing, and all I need for my legs. My toes do get cold... they usually warm up soon though, so I haven't figured that one out.

I also wear two pairs of gloves, since my hands easily get cold. And I definitely need something on my head and ears... a thermal race hat from one of my 5ks, and I sometimes wear a buff as a headband, or a scarf.

Good luck running!!!

Jamoosh said...

Hands down get yourself a jacket that works for wind and rain. Don't be afriad to invest because a good quality jacket is worth its price in gold.

Kerrie T. said...

I'm a wimp. I try to go to the gym if it's cold.

I do think layering is good. That way you can peel things off as you warm up. But, yeah, a windbreaker and then a nice insulated layer underneath. You could also use Moeben sleeves under that and take them off if you get too warm. I've used BondiBands over my ears and they've been just right. I just have some thick Thorlo socks that keep my feet pretty warm.

Hope some of this helps. :)

rUntoNamAste said...

OMG get the Kindle. I got one for Xmas and it is absolutely AMAZING to the nth degree. And no, my response is not at all helpful. Sorry.

But I will say, that the Under Armour Cold Gear line is hands down the best cold weather running gear IMO. However, I have found nothing to help with my cold feet other than it warming up on its own eventually during a run. Good luck and...get the Kindle :)

Christina said...

Layers. Layers. Layers.
I usually have a tighter tank top, and then a baselayer (wicking top), and pull a Nike half-zip over that. Gloves help a lot!
And I wear a beanie - that helps a lot. And for pants, I have tried wearing tights under my long Nike pants.
As for socks, I'm still trying to find a reasonably priced socks to keep my feet warm. Haven't had much luck with that just yet though, even though what I have right now seems sufficient.

Whitney said...

I live in Arkansas and know the crazy weather that OK/AR can get in the winter 60 one day then 30 the next. I have some New Balance half zips that I love, they are slightly fleecey on the inside and are perfect for temps in the 30's-40's. Berlin sounds cool, good luck!

racing dawn said...

I'm such a baby... I hit the gym whenever possible during the winter.

I wanna go to Berlin Marathon too!!! jealous... :)