Monday, January 10, 2011

90...or something.

I was looking through my archives the other day and I saw my 10 x 10 post from April 2010 when I promised 100 things about me. Well, I counted and turns out I never finished, I only did 80 so, I decided to do 10 things to catch people up to speed with what's going on right now and to eventually finish up that 100 things.

1) A lot of times I don't finish what I start (like this post for example).
2) I'm moving to Germany on Feb 3, eeek!! What? Have I mentioned this before?
3) I'm really starting to doubt my ability to run a marathon.
4) Some days this blog is the only thing that gets me out the door to run. I feel like I'm letting you guys down if I don't.
5) I'm really excited about moving to Germany but I'm also secretly terrified because I don't speak a lick of German and every time I try to practice I find myself speaking Spanish (which can be very confusing).
6) My husband and I have absolutely no clue about where we're going to live when we get out of the Army.
7) Up to this point I've only ever lived in Texas or Oklahoma.
8) The running community will play a major role in our choice of cities to live in when we get out.
9) I feel like I need to run a marathon in the next year or I never will.
10) I'm going to be without a cell phone and computer for possibly a month (or longer) and that really gives me anxiety.


...Barbie... said...

a marathon is supposed to freak you out and you're supposed to doubt your ability to do it. it's 26.2 miles in one run. if you weren't freaking out you wouldn't be normal. but all that makes it so much sweeter when you finish. Girl, you can totally do it! On top of your awesome family, you have a whole twitter and blogger running community behind you.

Best of luck in Germany - I am excited to hear about the adventure. Lucky for you you'll be on base (right?) so english is spoken there!!

Katie said...

whoa, germany! somehow i missed that...oh right, being 2 weeks behind in my google reader. oops!!

Heather said...

Yeah, I think it's normal to have doubts about running a marathon too, but don't let that stop you!!
My husband and I were stationed in Germany while he was in the Army and we loved it! The people there are so friendly and welcoming...don't worry about not speaking the language, most Germans speak English too, especially the younger generation because they learn it in school. It's a beautiful country. While we were there my husband ran 4 marathons; Frankfurt, Wuerzburg, Prague and Paris. You'll have a great time!

Samantha G said...

I'm with you on the cell phone thing, my 2 week honeymoon was kind of freaky too. My family had ways to get in touch if need be, but still. Plus they are the types who would say "We wouldn't want to ruin her vacation with bad news!" and not call even if they should, LOL.

I bet Germany will be a blast! Sure, a learning curve and probably stressful... but you'll settle in and I bet you'll love it!

Suzanad said...

My friend moved to Germany in September for an exchange year, and he loves it! He didn't speak a word of the language either, but he loves it now.

I know your situation is different to his, but you'll be fine!

FruitFly said...

You're #1 is so funny -- reminds me of ME!

I know you've talked about Germany ... but it feels like all of a sudden it is just coming up SUPER fast! Good luck! I have never been out of the US, except to Tijuana - which doesn't really count. I would be excited, but terrified of being in a new place and not knowing the language. This is exactly why I haven't gone to Europe yet. Some day!

OMG #10!! Eek --- no really, GOOD LUCK!!!

Wells L said...

When I was in the army the MWR center gave spouses language lessons once we got to our base - does that still happen? I spoke "Sp-rench" (spanish french) for the longest time . . .and still do more often than I choose either language correctly. Good luck with the language - technology has come SO FAR . . . I'm sure there's an APP for that( that's cracking me up).
I would LOVE to virtually train with you to do a marathon and then we could meet in real life and run it. I think that would be very motivating; however, I'm not sure a marathon is in my plans for the next 365 days . . . UGGG Sorry.

It's all going to be okay - just enjoy all that is about to occur in your life. I'll be thinking about you.

13point1miles said...

You are so brave going to Germany. That will definitely be an amazing experience. Just think of all the stories you will have to share! :) P.S. I left you a little surprise on my blog!