That Girl Is A Running Fool: Safety First, Y’all!

After reading the article last month in Runner’s World about the girl that got hit and killed by a car during a run (Collision Course p 84, Jan issue), I really started to think about how safe I am when I run. Some of the changes I made to run safer are:


For those of you that don’t know about Road ID, it’s an ID that, depending on the style you choose, you can wear on your wrist, ankle, shoe, around your neck or anywhere you can think of. The idea is, “if you ever find yourself in a situation where you can’t speak for yourself, your Road ID will speak for you.”
-Mike and Edward Wimmer, co owners of Road ID (some pretty funny guys, I might add)

There are two types of Road IDs, the original and interactive. The original gives you 6-7 lines to engrave with contact information, allergies, a message, anything you want. The interactive version gives you only 2-3 lines to engrave with personal information BUT it gives you a serial and pin number to call or log on for your complete Emergency Response Profile. Your profile can include as little or as much information as you want.

I chose to go with the interactive Road ID for several reasons:

  1. It gives emergency personnel more information about me like my blood type, previous surgeries and allergies.
  2. My husband is military so we move a lot, this way I can easily change my address without having to purchase a replacement ID.
  3. My profile is easy to update and keep current as my medical history may change. They also walk you through, step by step, and give you examples of information you might want to include.

I love that you can really personalize your Road ID, there are plenty of different styles and colors to choose from. I liked the sleek design of the Elite but if you like a more rugged look you can go with the


. If you want an ID and somewhere to keep extra cash you can always go with the

Shoe ID Pouch

On Saturday I wore my ID to both races. I normally go to races alone so I felt a lot better knowing my husband would be notified right away if something were to happen to me. The band was comfortable to wear and can be adjusted to fit any wrist size so I didn’t even feel it the whole time.

It’s every runner’s worst nightmare and hopefully you’ll never have to use it but the sad truth is that plenty of people do use it every year, just read the


on their website. Road ID is saving people’s lives and I know that never again will I run without mine. Heck, it’s so cute I’d wear it even when I’m not running.

The owners of Road ID are passionate about keeping athletes safe. This is a really great company, if you’ve ever ordered a Road ID then you’ll know what I’m talking about. They want people to be smart and safe and so after placing my order they immediately sent me a coupon code for my friends to get $1 off their order.

Because Road ID is such an amazing company, they are giving you the opportunity to win your very own ID right here. How to enter (please, please, please leave a separate comment for each entry):

  1. Become a fan of Road ID on Facebook, they are such an awesome company, let’s show them how much we love them by being a fan. Leave me a comment to let me know.
  2. Tweet about this giveaway, here’s an example to use:
  3.  Follow my blog or let me you already do, don’t forget to leave a comment.
  4. Link to this giveaway on your blog and leave a comment to let me know you did.

You have until midnight on 2/21 to enter, I will choose using and post the winner on Monday, good luck to you all and remember, run safe!

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That Girl Is A Running Fool: February 2010

On Friday I was informed that

a trail race that was supposed to be back in January was rescheduled for Saturday at noon. Since I was already going to be in the area, why not do the trail race after I did my 5 miler in the morning? It was a last minute decision but I was pumped about trying a trail run, I’d never done one before and everyone talks about how much fun they are.

I knew with 2 races on Saturday I would need to get a good night’s rest. I have a really bad habit of not sleeping well the night before a race so I took one tylenol PM at around 7:00pm to help relax me. It worked perfect, after getting my bag ready (thanks for the list, Michael) I settled into bed nicely at 9:30pm and didn’t wake until 5:45am. I’m pretty sure this is the best sleep I’ve had before a race, ever!

My first race was the Edmond Running Club’s Frigid Five, a 5 mile race in Edmond, Oklahoma. This was the biggest race I’ve done in Oklahoma, there were over 700 people there. Most races I’ve done so far on Oklahoma have had a couple hundred at most so this was a big change. I loved the course, it wound through the park and was very scenic, the only problem I had was since there were so many people it was pretty crowded the entire 5 miles.

I managed to finish with an official time of 49:17 so I was very happy, I would love to be able to keep that pace or close to it for the half in March, we’ll see. One last cool thing about this race, for $20 you get a long sleeved technical shirt, I loved that. All in all, I had a good run, I pushed myself and I was really happy with the race.

The next race was a different story.

When I finished the 5 miler I changed my shirt to let it dry out and got a quick bite to eat before heading to my  next race. The rockstar of this trip was my Garmin navigation system, without this lovely gem I would have never found either of the races.

If you don’t have one of these, I highly recommend it. It’s definitely worth $100 to never be lost again.

I pulled up at the Sooner State Games, picked up my race packet, headed back to my car to warm up and change back into my favorite shirt (one I stole from my hubby). At this point I thought it was a good idea to change my socks too since my feet were sweaty from the first race, in hindsight I probably should have done this MUCH sooner. I made my way over to the start, I was really excited because I really had no idea what to expect.

When the gun went off and we started running I knew I wasn’t going to push it too hard with this one, I had run hard earlier and this was my first trail run so I just wanted to enjoy it. It was a little muddy out so in the beginning I was really trying to preserve my shoes. I would stop at the creek crossings and carefully jump so as not to land in the mud. After a mile or so I realized that was stupid and I should just go for it but jumping in mud doesn’t come naturally to me (especially in expensive shoes) so I was always hesitating before a mud puddle.

I was tired, trail running is WAY different than running on pavement and I don’t get a lot of hills in my training so this was much hillier than I was used to. My hip started bothering me around mile 2 and by the time I hit the water station I was exhausted. My knee started hurting also and I could feel blisters forming on my feet, at this point I knew I was just going to make it back to the start and probably wouldn’t be making the second loop. I have some decent insoles for my plantar fascitiis pain, but even they wern’t helping much.

I was upset with myself for not finishing but I knew that if I kept running I risked hurting myself and right now my focus is my half in March. If I get injured now it could really derail me from finishing the half and I didn’t want to risk it. I was glad I did the trail run, it was fun and I’ll probably do another one after the half but until March 14th, I’m sticking with pavement.

After the race I was exhausted, I hurt and I really wanted to take a nap but I still had an hour and half drive back home. Lucky for me, I was in my husband’s car and he left an 800mg ibuprofen in his cup holder (don’t ask me why or how) but I didn’t care where that thing had been, I took that sucker and headed home.

My Garmin said I did 4 miles on the trail (it was supposed to be 3.5 so I don’t know what that’s all about) so that brought my total to 9 miles for the day. It was less than the 11 I was supposed to do but I was still happy with it and I’m going to move right along to next week where I’m going to tackle 12 miles. Just keep moving forward.

FYI: On Sunday, I had to wear a brace on my knee all day, my hip was still a little sore and I counted 6 blisters on my feet. Gotta love running!

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Give Me A Streakin’ Break!

Well, my streak is over. It was great while it lasted but I chose not to run last night because my Achilles was still sore. I really don’t want to hurt myself and to be honest my streak was going to end in a week or so anyway. Wednesday I had an appointment with my “lady doctor” (if you follow me on twitter then you already know and possibly unfollowed me for mentioning “gyno” in a tweet). Well, it looks like I will be having surgery in about a week or two, nothing serious, just a routine hysterectomy. Unfortunately though, that means I will need time to recover before running again, lucky for me I’ll be recovering in Colorado.

I’ll be heading to Colorado Springs to visit my BFF and relinquish my parental rights to our beautiful lab, Susie. We’re not going to be taking her with us to Germany because we’re worried she won’t be able to take the stress of the flight since she’s old. Luckily I have an awesome friend who loves her just as much as we do and is going to be her new loving family. This is probably going to be the hardest day of my life, I get teary-eyed just thinking about it, but I know it is what is best for Susie. It sucks we’re having to do this in July when we won’t be leaving for Germany until February but we won’t be able to make it to Colorado again before we leave since the kids can’t miss a day of school this year. I’m going to be in denial up until the second I leave her.

So, yeah, I’m hoping to run this evening but I just have to wait and see how I’m feeling, maybe I’ll try for another streak up until surgery if my ankle agrees with me. What is your longest streak you’ve had? Mine was 12 days.

PS If you haven’t entered my Monkey Shake giveaway, do it now!

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I have a new favorite sock.

I’ve been meaning to try out

Injinji socks

for awhile now, like months, but I never made it into an REI to pick some up. Well, when I was in Colorado a couple weeks ago I finally picked up a pair.

When you first put them on they feel weird, I mean, I’m not used to having to put each toe in it’s own individual little sock. At first they felt just like the rainbow toe socks I used to wear as a teenager (you know you all did too, maybe not you Jamoosh, you probably wore socks made out of beer). You really notice the difference when you slip your tootsies inside your shoes, it feels like it’s literally impossible to get a blister. Each toe is protected from the other so there is no rubbing of any kind. I also love the way the toe of my shoe never felt so roomy because I can actually spread my toes.

This is what Injinji says Engineered with AIS: technology and constructed with a wicking fiber made of CoolMax® and a resistant outer shell of durable nylon, the Performance tetratsok protects, prevents and out performs any ordinary tube closed sport sock.”

The first day I wore them just with my tennis shoes when we went “hiking” at Garden of the Gods. I never ever run first in a new pair of socks. You could definitely tell these were no ordinary socks, my feet felt dry and comfortable all day.

Next I decided to take them on a run, they felt good inside my shoes. They’re the perfect thickness for me, I don’t like really thick socks because they get too hot. Injinji socks kept my feet cool and dry and protected. I definitely give them two thumbs up. Now I just need 4 more pairs because these are my new favorite socks…and maybe a pair of the compression ones too?

I purchased these socks myself and was in no way compensated for this post. The opinions are entirely my own and I highly recommend you try these socks. Find out where you can pick up your own pair of Injinji socks here.

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That Girl Is A Running Fool: Review Time

A few weeks ago I was given a pair of inVigorators compression socks to review, this is the first thing I’ve been given to review and I was pretty stoked about that to begin with. I got my socks in the mail a few days before Christmas and I was really bummed that I had already run when they arrived on my doorstep, I would have to wait till the next day to try them out.

I was so excited that I planned a 5 mile run the next day to give them a real “college try.” It had been several months since I’d run 5 miles, in fact the last time I ran 5 or more was back in October when I was getting ready for my 10K, so I knew I was going to be pushing myself.

The weather was a little warmer than usual so I put on my compression shorts (I have to match) with my new compression socks and was ready to head out the door.

I had such a great run that I couldn’t do a review after only one “test drive,” I was a little skeptical. Could these socks really be that good? The 5 miles seemed effortless, my legs felt great and I probably could have kept going but I had to drive to Colorado that afternoon. I thought maybe I was just having a great run day and so I wanted to do another long run with the socks to see if they really were the secret to my success.

Yesterday I did another long run, 5.5 miles this time, AND my legs were sore from lifting weights the day before. I wanted to push it and see how much of a difference these socks made. I ran 3 miles the day before without the socks and my legs felt sluggish. But yesterday my legs felt great after my run and so I’m a believer!

inVigorators= awesome!

Some great things about these socks:

  • Easy weave takes pressure off the muscle to prevent fatigue
  • Light compression supports the arch and secures the fit
  • Flat, no-rub toe seam
  • Non-rolling top
  • Y-stiched heel construction provides the best heel fit
  • Double knit reinforced cotton sole for cushioned comfort

From the moment you put these on your legs feel different, honestly, they feel invigorated. I put them on and I felt like I had to get up and go, to wear these socks and sit is a total waste. These socks are really easy to put on which is something I was worried about with a compression sock and they stay up, when they say they don’t roll they mean it. I will never do a long run again without wearing these socks and I’ll probably order more so I can wear them on shorter runs too without having to do daily laundry. Another great thing about these socks is they are very affordable compared to other compression socks I’ve seen. My only gripe: I wish they came in pink!, maybe you could get a free pair like I did.

FTC Disclosure: I was given a pair of InVigorators socks to try and this review is entirely my own.

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My favorite person to compete against is myself.

I got up this morning and did a quick 2 mile run, it was cold and windy and I just wanted to get it over with due to the crumby weather. When I finished I looked at my time and realized it was a personal record, 17:52. To a lot of people this is slow, I know that but to me it’s 29 seconds faster than my old PR and that makes me super happy.

I’ve stopped looking at my watch while I run, I realized that by watching my pace I was slowing myself down. I hadn’t realized how much better I’ve gotten at running and I was trying to keep my pace too slow. The last thing I want is to have to start walking so I watched my pace religiously to make sure I wasn’t going to wear myself out. I guess I didn’t realize that my endurance had improved so much.

I love when I beat myself, competing with myself is the ultimate because I will always be around to compete. I’m a competitive person, I know this but one of the great things about running is that I don’t feel the need to compete with other runners. There are TONS of runners out there that are better than me and that doesn’t bother me at all.

When I go to the track and there are faster runners than me I don’t care, I don’t care about the slower ones either, I smile at them all just the same. It’s a knowing smile because we all share a love for the same the thing, we’re all proud of ourselves just to be there. It doesn’t matter if you’re there running 1 mile or 10 miles, you’re running and that’s all that matters. Good for you.

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5 Things I Never Run Without



1) My visor, I can’t run without this for two reasons. One, it keeps me from squinting the whole run because I hate running with sunglasses and two, it works as a sweatband, sweat in the eyes stings.

2) My iPod shuffle, I love how light it is and how easy it is to clip on, I don’t even feel it when I’m running. I keep this baby full of high energy songs that help me keep my pace. I did have to get some Sony headphones for it that go around my ear because the Apple ear buds and running just don’t mix for me.

3) My Garmin Forerunner, I love this thing! It keeps track of everything for me, my distance, my pace, my laps, my average time, heart rate, calories burned and I’m sure a lot more if I ever bothered to read the instruction manual. By far my best purchase ever!

4) Compression pants/shorts, when you have thighs like I do these are essential. There is no way I could make it a mile, much less 10 miles, with my chub rubbing together.

5) Good socks, I know most people would think this should be shoes but that seems like a gimme to me so they didn’t make the list. Good socks are essential especially when you start getting up there in mileage. You want to wick the moisture away from your feet that way you don’t start losing toenails. I’ve already lost one and it was not a fun experience, it’s finally grown back but I don’t want to have to go through that again.

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